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At Thaitan Glossworks, we offer premium window tinting for your vehicle, providing unsurpassed protection, privacy, and flair. We provide the best auto care and window tint services near Marysville, WA.

The Thaitan Glossworks Advantage

  • Transformation, Not Just Tinting: We see window tinting as a service that does more than make your car appear better.
  • Complete Protection: You may benefit from enhanced privacy and security, UV protection, and solar control with our premium window films.
  • Cooler, More Comfortable Rides: Our tints protect your car’s interior from UV ray damage, lowering heat and glare and providing a cooler driving environment.



Ceramic Window Tints

They are well renowned for their exceptional heat and UV-blocking properties, as well as their exceptional durability.


Dyed Window Tints

An affordable and great solution to provide privacy and enhance appearance.

Window Tints

Metalized Window Tints

Your car will feel colder inside and require less air conditioning since heat is reflected out of the window film.

Carbon Window Tints

Carbon-based window tints are matte-textured, avoiding heat buildup and fading while shielding electronics.


Customized Solutions

We can design a solution to meet your specific requirements and objectives, whether you're looking for seclusion, sun protection, or aesthetic appeal.

Our Meticulous Process

  1. Surface Preparation: We begin with a comprehensive cleaning to ensure an impeccable application.
  2. Precise Application: Our professionals use the most recent tools and techniques to precisely apply the color.
  3. Drying and Curing: We closely monitor the drying process to ensure that the color dries completely and becomes durable.
  4. Attention to Detail: Our exacting procedure guarantees that every window tint application surpasses our exacting standards for performance and quality.

Why Choose Us?


Unmatched devotion and skill in each tint job.


State-of-the-art tinting supplies and techniques.


Services catered to your tastes and the requirements of your car.


A dedication to consistently surpassing your expectations.


The price of a full car tint usually varies from $100 to $800 based on the kind of film and the size of the vehicle.

Because ceramic tint offers the finest UV protection and heat rejection, it is considered the best.

The optimal tint percentage varies depending on personal preferences and local laws, but 35% is a popular choice for achieving a balance between seclusion and visibility.

70% tint is commonly used on windshields to reduce glare while maintaining legal light transmission restrictions. It lets in 70% of the light, offering minimal shading but excellent visibility.

Ceramic tint is the substance, whereas 3M makes many tints, including ceramic. Ceramic tints offer better heat and UV protection than 3M products, but your preferences determine which you choose.

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