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Greetings from Thaitan Glossworks, your go-to source for the best window tinting near Bellingham. Our specialty is premium window tints that shield cars from damaging UV rays, increase comfort, and improve the look of the vehicle.

What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is the process of applying a thin film to the glass of your vehicle’s windows. You want to improve comfort and protection as much as the appearance of your automobile. Tinting helps protect the interior of your car and you from the sun’s harmful rays when you’re driving in Bellingham, Washington, or even when you’re idle.


Benefits of Window Tinting Near Bellingham

Window tinting has several benefits if you live in Bellingham, where the sun may be shockingly intense:

  • Reduced Heat: During those unexpectedly scorching summer days, window tint helps keep your automobile cooler.
  • UV Protection: Window tinting helps shield your skin from damaging UV radiation while preventing deterioration of your upholstery.
  • Privacy and Security: Tinting your windows provides an extra layer of seclusion that helps deter inquisitive eyes from entering your area.
  • Enhanced Appearance: It’s important to remember that tinted windows just look good. They provide your automobile with a slick, modern look that truly makes it pop.

Types Of Window Tinting At Thaitan Glossworks

Thaitan Glossworks is pleased to provide a selection of high-quality window tinting services, such as:


Ceramic Window Tints

The greatest choice for drivers who want nothing less than the best is ceramic window tinting. Ceramic tints don't tamper with electronic signals and provide better heat rejection.


Dyed Window Tints

Increased privacy and UV protection may be obtained at a reasonable price using dyed window tints.

Window Tints

Metalized Window Tints

These tints provide strong heat dissipation by reflecting heat through the use of metallic particles included in the film.

Carbon Window Tints

A visually beautiful tint that reduces heat and offers superior UV protection without having a metallic appearance.

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Window Tinting Application Process

Our professionals adhere to a strict procedure to guarantee that your window tint is applied precisely:

  • Surface Preparation: We carefully clean them to get rid of any debris, and to guarantee that the film sticks to your windows smoothly.
  • Tint Application:  Our knowledgeable professionals apply the tint film precisely, preventing creases and bubbles.
  • Drying and Curing: The film is thoroughly dried to ensure lifespan and durability by setting it firmly onto the glass.

Why Choose Thaitan Glossworks?

Choosing Thaitan Glossworks means deciding between experience and quality.

Expertise and Quality

We are renowned for our consummate professionalism and superior output.

Top Materials

Your car only sees the greatest films and equipment.

Advanced Techniques

We use the newest tinting technology to keep ahead of the curve.

Local Favorite

The best option for window tinting services in Bellingham.

Personalized Service

Every task is customized to meet your requirements and aesthetic tastes.


The cost of window tinting can vary significantly; typically, a standard, non-reflective car window tint will run you between $100 and $800. The cost of specialty or high-performance tints may be higher.

Both your demands and local restrictions will determine the ideal degree of window tinting. Generally speaking, a tint between 35% and 50% strikes a decent mix between visibility and privacy.

A darker shade, usually around 5% (limo tint), works best for optimal seclusion. With this extremely dark tint, barely 5% of visible light can penetrate the car.

Since they provide adequate visibility in low light, lighter tints-often exceeding
50%-are the safest for driving at night.

For everyday driving, a medium tint (between 30% and 50%) is best since it offers enough UV protection, decreases heat and glare, and improves visibility.

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