Our story is more like a Cinderella story.
I am coming from absolutely nothing to being able to turn it into something.

I was throwing freight pallets for 8 hours a day for a large company and making $14 an hour, working for a company that would belittle you completely when things were not perfect.

I finally stood up for myself and left my job in the middle of winter, right before Christmas, with $180 in my pocket and tons of bills on the way.

We started offering Plasti-Dipping, which I was doing as a hobby for a service that had gotten us by as our friends trusted us with their vehicles.

With just enough money saved, we opened our first peelable paint wrapping business in Anacortes in 2017.

Things went well until I had an eye infection from painting too much; the doctor said to stay away from painting for a few months. I couldn’t sit idle, so I learned how to polish vehicles in the meantime!

People were seeing the results on my personal vehicle and had asked us if we would be willing to offer Paint Corrections. We ran with it. We decided to drop painting and go with paint corrections and auto detailing.

We did years of mobile detailing, driving sometimes up to 3 hours one way just to detail client’s vehicles.

Rain, Snow, Shine, Extreme heat. We worked to the best of our ability, as we were not going to give up.

As time passed, we made a big enough name for ourselves to work from home consistently instead of having to drive so far. We had so many clients showing up to our home, the city was not very happy!

They had sent us an email telling us it was time to close down the business as we were too busy. Thankfully, our current landlord was getting out of detail and offered us a spot in their amazing location.

We had to build a team, and from learning what I did back when I worked with big companies. I learned to treat all my team members with respect and common courtesy. We have built up an amazing business in our little hometown with an excellent team of automotive detailing specialists.

We now have a respectful, hardworking team that specializes in Auto detailing & Ceramic coating & Paint Protection Film.

It’s been a long journey and will continue to be so, but we’ve had amazing ups and downs. It was not an easy path to get to where we are now, so we’re always so thankful to those who trust us to serve them.