Thaitan Glassworks is an excellent home appliance coating service in Anacortes, Washington. Our specialty is restoring your home’s appliances and surfaces, and we’re committed to ensuring your household runs as efficiently as possible. We promise always to provide superior service.

Home Appliance Clean-Up Made Easy!

Think about how many times you clean the inside of your home. No matter how often you wipe down the countertop or try to remove the kids’ fingerprints from the fridge, it doesn’t shine like it used to.

The truth is every surface is susceptible to scratching, staining, grime, and scum. With ceramic coating, the appliances and furniture in your home are protected from everyday use and left with a glossy finish.

Home Appliances
Home Appliances

How does it work?

The nanotechnology embedded in ceramic coating forms a durable, chemical-resistant barrier when applied to an exterior. By semi-permanently bonding with a surface, the liquid polymer decreases tension and protects exteriors from deteriorating over time.

Benefits of coating your home

Home Appliances
Home Appliances

What surfaces/ appliances can ceramic coating be used on?

With time, exteriors will fade, age, and slowly break down. Using a ceramic coating to protect the appliances and furniture in your home is a worthwhile investment.

Key Features Of Our Home Appliance Coating

Our Industrial Coating forms a semi-permanent bond, is fully protected from highly damaging contaminants, and will not be removed by harsh chemicals once fully cured. Our Ultra Hydrophobic coating provides superior water, stain, and grease repellency, exponentially exceeding any poly sealants. 

Home Appliances

Our Home Application Process



Our professionals inspect your appliances to identify the best solution.


Surface Preparation

We painstakingly prepare each appliance surface to maximize coating adhesion.


Ceramic Coating Application

Our qualified personnel apply this process to create a consistent, long-lasting barrier.


Final Inspection

We thoroughly inspect every coated surface to ensure protection and beauty.

Why Thaitan Glossworks Stands Out?

Committed Expertise

Our group is enthusiastic about producing high-caliber outcomes that last.

Modern Techniques

For the best protection, we employ the newest advancements in ceramic coating technology.

Customer satisfaction

We put your comfort and pleasure first with hassle-free service.

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Are you prepared to change the way your household appliances look and function? Our friendly team is here to walk you through our offerings and show you how we can significantly improve your house. Thaitan Glossworks is the go-to choice whether you’re searching for “home appliance near me” or the “best home appliance services in Anacortes.”